Pre-Filing Counseling

Abel Credit is confident that the educational material offered will be useful to you starting today!  We are eager to serve you and get you started on a path of financial freedom that is simple, easy to understand and successful for you.

Our pre-filing Budget and Credit Counseling session is offered online, by telephone or in person at our Hay Springs, NE offices. The session takes 60-90 minutes to complete.  Upon successful completion of your session, you will be provided with a certificate of completion that is required in your bankruptcy within one (1) business day.

The online session fee is $25 for those filing as a single person and $30 for those filing as a married couple. If a married couple is filing joint, each spouse needs to complete their own, individual credit counseling session.  The first spouse’s fee is $25 with the second spouse’s fee being $5.  Online credit counseling sessions are available 24-7 for your convenience!

If counseling via a scheduled telephone session, the fee is $40 for single filers and $40 for those filing jointly, as a married couple, with both spouses being on the same phone call.  If both spouses cannot be on the same telephone call and each requires a telephone session, the fee is $40 for each session.

If counseling via in a scheduled, face-to-face session, our fee is $40 for single filers and $40 for those joint filers, filing as a married couple, if both spouses can be present for the same credit counseling session.  If two sessions are required for joint filers, due to both spouses not being able to be present for a simultaneous session, a $40 fee will required for each spouse.

The fee is ALL INCLUSIVE. There are no hidden or additional charges. Abel Credit offers a fee waiver for those who apply and qualify.  Contact us for further details. Call  866-769-5357 or click to arrange for your telephone or in-person appointment with one of our certified credit counselors.  We are here for YOU!