Courses by Phone

Both the pre-filing Budget and Credit Counseling Session and the post-filing Personal Financial Management Education Course are offered via the telephone.  Simply call 866-769-5357 to schedule an appointment.   We will be happy to assist you in satisfying these educational requirements needed in your bankruptcy; and, help you on your way to a financial future that is manageable, debt free and personally yours!

Our fees for telephonic counseling are:

For single filers – $40 per session

For a married couple, filing jointly – $40 for one telephone session when both spouses can be on the same phone call.

If a married couple who is filing jointly cannot be on the same phone call, then each spouse will need to complete an individual session and the fee is $40 for each session.

Fee waivers are available for those individuals who apply and are granted a fee waiver or reduced fees for service.