Course Details

Abel Credit offers the two (2) educational requirements mandated by law in consumer bankruptcy cases.  We offer our services online, over the telephone or in person at Abel Credit’s offices in Hay Springs, NE. Contact us to schedule a telephone or in-person appointment for your required course. We will do our best to accommodate you, making it as convenient for you as possible.

#1:  The pre-filing Budget and Credit Counseling session, “Heading in a Different, Positive Direction”, takes 60-90 minutes to complete.  You will be served by one of our professional, certified credit counselors who will assist you in completing the educational requirement needed before your bankruptcy can be filed.

Included in this session:

  • Information you will find helpful in managing your finances successfully
  • The process of creating a personalized spending plan
  • Evaluating the reasons for indebtedness
  • Providing tips on how to get out of debt and stay out of debt in the future

#2:  The post-filing Personal Financial Management Education course, “Staying the Course”, is offered in a two hour (120 minute) session.  A certified Abel Credit Counselor will work with you to finalize your educational course requirements.

Abel Credit will:

  • Provide ways to stay on a positive financial course after you have discharged your debt in bankruptcy
  • Provide useful resources that  you can start using immediately
  • Work with you to create a manageable spending plan

To  turn your financial life around and stay on course will take  your determination and self-discipline.  We will provide you with resources that can support your decisions based on those two commitments.

Certificates of completion will be provided within one (1) business day for Pre-filing and three (3) business days for Post-filing after session/course completion.   If you are working with an attorney, upon request a copy of your certificate will be provided to him/her.  If you are in need of your certificate of completion sooner than the above stated time frame, expedited services are available only upon your request being received and approved by Abel Credit.

Your certificate will be kept on file for a two (2) year period of time.  Should additional copies of your certificate be requested, these will be available at no additional charge.

The cost for each online educational course is $25 for a single filer and $30 for a married couple, filing jointly.  For married couples, filing jointly, each spouse is required to complete their own, individual credit counseling session.

For scheduled telephonic services, our fees are $40 for single filers and $40 for a married couple, filing jointly and available on the same phone call.  For those couples who are not able to complete their session on the same phone call, each spouse will need to complete an individual session and the fee is $40 for each session.

For in-person scheduled credit counseling sessions, our fees are $40 for single filers and $40 for married couples, filing jointly and being available for the same session.  For those couples who are not able to complete their session in one scheduled visit, simultaneously, each spouse will need to complete their own individual session and the fee is $40 per session.

Our fees are all inclusive and contain no hidden or additional charges. Fee waivers are available for those who apply and qualify.