Trust in Abel Credit’s  professional, confidential credit counseling services your clients need to satisfy the educational requirements of their bankruptcy.  We offer both the pre-filing and post-filing educational courses which meet the requirements of the Bankruptcy Code.  Our services are provided online, telephonically and in person.

Abel Credit Counseling Services is DOJ, EOUST approved.  Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of an agency’s services. However, Abel Credit strives to provide educational material that will benefit your client personally and financially.

Certificates of completion are provided to you and your client within one (1) business day for Pre-filing and three (3) business days for Post-filing after course completion.  This time frame is respective of our agency’s business hours, which are found in the “Contact Us” information.

If there is a deadline to meet and your client must be in receipt of their certificate of completion, expedited services are available ONLY when Abel Credit has received and approved a request for such services. The Management and staff of Abel Credit pledge to do their best to accommodate same day service requests.

Fees apply to each of the pre-filing and post-filing credit counseling courses offered by Abel Credit:

Online counseling – $25 for single filers; $30 for married couples.  If a married couple is filing jointly,
each spouse is required to complete their own, individual pre-filing or post-filing credit counseling session.

Telephonic counseling – $40 for single filers;  $40 for married couples counseling simultaneously.  If a married couple cannot be on the same phone call, two counseling sessions will be required with a $40 fee for each session.

For counseling in an in-person session – $40 for single filers; $40 for married couples filing jointly and available at the same time for one session.  If both spouses cannot attend the same counseling session, then each spouse will need to complete a session and the fee is $40 per session.

A fee waiver is available for those clients who qualify.

We look forward to serving you and your clients!  We can establish an account for you which is convenient and time saving. Abel Credit offers quality service with compassion and respect.

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